Northern Beaches Window Cleaners FAQ

It’s normal to have a few questions before you decide to hire a window cleaner on the Northern Beaches. Northern Beaches Window Cleaners provides high-quality window cleaning services in this beautiful part of Sydney and will be happy to make your windows shine. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may resolve any queries you have before you decide to hire a window cleaner.

What If it Rains?

We will perform our service in light rain and rainwater is actually clean. When rainwater comes in contact with something dirty, such as a flyscreen, the dirt that was held in the screen can get in contact with the glass if rain hits it. Rain will not make your windows dirty and should just slide straight off your windows after they have been professionally cleaned.

What About The Weather?

If there’s a storm or high wind then we will have to reschedule for another time as it’s just not safe to perform our service in these conditions. Sporadic and intermittent rain can be waited out and we can clean your windows after it has passed without rescheduling.

Can I Prepare My Windows Before They Get Cleaned?

Yes, if your inside windows are getting cleaned then you can remove anything on the windowsills and also draw any blinds or curtains that are obstructing the glass. If you’re getting the outside windows cleaned then please be sure that there are no obstructions under the windows or on the path taken to get to them.

How Do I Pay?

You can pay the technician upon completion of the job on your premises. If you are not going to be on the premises to pay the technician upon completion, then you will need to either leave cash somewhere hidden for them or prepay over the phone. We accept cash and credit/debit/eftpos cards.

How Do You Charge?

We provide a free estimate based on the type of premises you have and the number/type/size of your windows in addition to how accessible they are.

What’s Included in A Window Clean?

We will clean the glass and can also wipe down windowsills that are accessible to us from the ground level. We provide a window cleaning service to clean the glass and other things such as scratches, excessive damage or buildup, etc. are not included.

What’s Not Included in A Window Clean?

For things such as hard water stains, glass cancer, soap scum, limescale, and glass corrosion an extra charge will be applied and there’s no guarantee that it will be 100% removed. Tracks and screens also incur an additional cost if you want them done and this is not included in the service unless otherwise agreeg upon.

What About Double Glazed Windows?

These consist of two panes with a sealed space in between. We will clean the two panes and the space in between does not need to be touched.

What About Window Tint?

With proper equipment and expertise cleaning tinted windows is not an issue. If the tint is already peeling off then there’s a chance it may get worse. You must advise us if your windows are tinted or have a film on it before we attempt to clean them.