How Often to Clean Windows?

Whether your premises has 4 windows or even 40 of them, cleaning windows can almost always feel like a bit of a chore. Windows get dirty, and quite often, then can be hidden through curtains and blinds which mean you notice the level of soilage less. When you finally do decide it’s time to clean your windows, you just can’t bring yourself to get it done. Windows unfortunately can get dirty quite quickly depending on the level of exposure they receive to the elements. Let’s take a look at different circumstances and how often you would need to get your windows cleaned if they apply to you.

Cleaning Windows at Home

The windows at your private residence are going to be one of the first things that people see when they look at it.

If you live in a quiet suburban street with not much exposure to the elements and surrounding pollutants, then you would ideally want to get your windows professionally cleaned every six months.

If you live on a main or arterial road then the level of exposure will be much higher and you would be looking at every three months.

This is a general rule of thumb to consider, but there are also other contributing factors such as exposure to saltwater and seaspray in addition to dust and dirt being blown onto the windows. Kids and animals can also be big contributers to making dirty windows and result in you needing your windows professionally cleaned more often.

Cleaning windows at these frequencies can help to avoid them getting permanent damage and keep them looking shinier for longer. The glass and glazing you choose can also have an impact as well. Not getting your windows cleaned can allow dirt and grime to accumulate and make it much harder to remove if they do get cleaned.

Cleaning Windows at Home
Cleaning Business Windows

Cleaning Business Windows

A business is going to get their windows cleaned more often than a private residence and the frequency will also vary depending on a few factors.

Some places will require daily cleaning on a maintenance contract, while others can range from weekly to every couple of months.

For a small office that isn’t surrounded by too much happening, you could be looking at getting your windows cleaned about every three months.

For a storefront on a busy street you would want to clean your windows weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. A restaurant would ideally want to get their windows cleaned on a weekly basis but could in some situations require it bi-weekly.

A pub or club could be looking at getting their windows cleaned on a daily basis or maybe every second day to once a week.

Pubs and clubs generally have cleaning staff that come in the morning to clean everything but they are often a jack of all trades and lack the ability to properly clean a window.

Getting windows cleaned regularly can prolong their life and provide your rooms with more natural light. Dirty windows do not look good and this is particularly the case if your premises is frequently visited and seen by people on a daily basis. Clean and shiny windows give off a great impression and are visually appealing to see. Letting the dirt build up over time can lead to scratches and permanent marks on the glass which could have easily been avoided just by getting them cleaned more often.

Northern Beaches Window Cleaners offers great rates for homes or businesses that need their windows cleaned on a regular basis so please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your needs. We cater to residential, strata, and commercial clientele including pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops, offices, and more.