What Makes A Good Window Cleaning Service?

Finding a good window cleaning service can be challenging considering that virtually anyone can become a window cleaner with a squeegee and a bucket. Windows need to be cleaned regularly, so you want to be sure that the people you are trusting to do so are competent and up to the task. There are a few key elements that can separate the amateurs from the professionals so it’s important that you know what to look out for.

A lot of the fly-by-night providers will not invest in these elements and instead focus on constantly obtaining new business due to a high level of customer dissatisfaction. Luckily for you, Northern Beaches Window Cleaners is a professional window cleaning business on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney and knows how to spot a poser. So, what should you look for in a good window cleaning service?


There are far too many service providers who don’t even wear a uniform to their jobs and instead prefer to don a t-shirt and pair of jeans or cargo shorts. This screams unprofessionalism and doesn’t tell you that this person really cares about the job that they do. A true professional wants people to know that they are a window cleaner and wants people to see their logo and phone number on their uniform.


Aside from wearing a company uniform, there are many other different forms of branding that a window cleaning company can invest in. This can include a professional website, decals or stickers on work vehicles, company letterheads, logo stickers on equipment, branded hats, and much more. These are signs that the owner cares about their image and is willing to invest money into it.


A truly good window cleaning service provider is not going to show up to the job with a squeegee from Bunnings, or worse, a local supermarket. Good squeegees cost money and so do their rubber blades. They also perform the job better which means better results for customers and more repeat business for the company.


Do your window cleaners walk around your premises looking unhappy and like they don’t want to be there? Are they willing to listen to what you have to say and address your concerns? Many window cleaning service companies are like this and just want to do the job and leave. Having a good attitude is indicative of professionalism so be sure to see how your window cleaner behaves in certain situations.


A good window cleaning company is obviously going to get results when they clean your windows. There are some circumstances in which there is already a lot of dirt or permanent damage to your glass such as chips, cracks, and stains, but the vast majority of the time you should be able to get streak-free and spotless windows after a clean.

Be on the lookout for these signs as they are a good indicator of what a professional window cleaning service provider will offer. It’s quite easy to tell them apart from the amateurs or dodgy operations so do your due diligence before hiring a window cleaner and just get in touch with Northern Beaches Window Cleaners today to arrange a window clean for your premises.