Why Do Windows Get So Dirty

A dirty window doesn’t look good an since they get bad it’s either time to do it yourself or call the professionals. Window cleaning is a chore for many and it also isn’t as simple as getting a bucket and squeegee and making it shine. There is a proper technique involved to get windows cleaned correctly, especially when you take into consideration the various types of dirt and grime that can accumulate on a glass surface.

Many people don’t realize just how many different contaminants are in the air and water which are then getting exposed to your windows. Leaving them on your windows can lead to permanent stains or damage so cleaning them regularly is essential. Knowing this, why exactly to windows get dirty?

Rain (Sort of)

Let’s get this settled straight away; rain does not directly make your windows dirty.
Rainwater is clean due to the way that it’s created. The problem is when the rain comes into contact with other elements it blends together and makes the glass look dirtier. When rain falls it can join airborne particles and take it with them into your glass.

Rain can also slam into a protective screen which is more than likely holding dirt in place. Once it slams into the screen with force, it will take the dirt with it and then settle onto your window. Rain is not a direct contributor to making your windows dirty so please remember this when you book our amazing window cleaning service.

Raindrops on window

The Street

The street is loaded with airborne contaminants that can get stuck onto your windows. Dirt, grime, pollen, allergens, pathogens, pollutants, exhaust, and so much more can contribute to this and build up over time. If your premises is near a busy street then the chances of exposure are higher. Living or working on a main road would result in far more frequent window cleans in comparison to being on a quite suburban back street.

Animals and Children

Both can have grubby paws that love to touch glass. Animals and children obviously can get quite dirty and when they touch glass it can leave behind a sticky residue. Not only can this residue look like a giant smear al over your glass, dirt and grime can also become stuck on it too. This means that your windows may even require daily maintenance from yourself and then a professional clean every couple of months to prevent permanent damage.

Steam and Grease

Windows near the kitchen get exposed to steam and grease from cooking which can lead to extra soilage on them. Once again, if these windows are maintained then permanent damage could arise. If your windows are right near where you cook then they may even require a daily wipe-down to prevent buildup and an unfavourable situation in future.

If your premises is exposed to these elements then you may need to implement a more regular window cleaning schedule to keep on top of it. We offer amazing window cleaning services and can even offer discounts for regular cleans if you want to get onto a window care program. Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals today and get in touch with Northern Beaches Window Cleaners.