Window Cleaning North Shore

Our window cleaning North Shore service has Lower North Shore and Upper North Shore window cleaning technicians near you!

We provide professional window cleaning services to both residential and business clientele. Our local window cleaners take pride in their work and will be delighted to make your windows shine! We believe we offer the best local window cleaners and are experienced and know what it takes to deliver a high-quality service. You need to best glass cleaners to get those windows sparkling and looking great again so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Includes houses, townhouses, studios, apartments, and granny flats. We can clean skylights, pool glass, French windows, balustrades, and more.


Includes storefronts, strata, offices, restaurants, shops, pubs, clubs, and more. Our equipment can easily reach multiple storeys to clean your windows.

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We are professional

Our staff members wear uniforms and conduct themselves in a professional manner. We know how to perform the job effectively and can draw on our experience to get it done.

We are friendly

Customer service is something we take pride in and we want you to be satisfied with your window cleaning service.

We use the right tools of the trade

Certain windows can require different types of equipment in order to be cleaned properly. We have a range of different tools that can be used in different situations in order to get the best possible result.

We check everything

The little things are noticed by us and we have strong attention to detail because windows can get very dirty. We inspect every window after we clean it and also wipe down the windowsills as well.

We are respectful

Your premises are treated how you want it to be treated and we are careful with our surroundings. We take extra care if we are inside your premises and we can also be mindful of different times that are suitable for you.

We are trained

Our North Shore staff go through an effective training program designed to get them cleaning windows effectively while maintaining the core principles of our business.